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Reni Haymond hold Master’s Degree holder of Visual Arts in Hong Kong Baptist University, BSc (Hons)Degree holder of Multimedia and Entertainment Technology in Leeds Beckett University. Art exchange in Zurich University of Arts.

The first ball pen artist in Asia who love to use drawing lines and colours to satirize the trend. Explore different possibility and push the common tool (ball pen) into extraordinary level in recent art work. Year 2022 “Beyond Future Art Prize ”one of the top 18 nominee. Exhibitions presented in Year 2017 “Taiwan, Japan Art Project Vol.2”, Year 2016 & 2015 “Taipei Free Art Fair”, Year 2015 “New Art Wave” and Year 2014 top 10 nominee of “Hong Kong Fine Art Prize”.

Art works were presented in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Switzerland and China.

Besides exhibitions, Reni Haymond co-operated with Kwai Chung Hospital, Eslite book store, Extension and Continuing Education for Life of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and different art associations to hold ball pen short term drawing courses and ball pen theme room co-operation with Youth Square.



I like to use easy ways to present my art works by using ordinary tools. Art is living all around us and I would like to bring it to share with every people in daily life. A ball pen definitely can be a good drawing tool.

Some people may have simple concept on ball pen which it is just a writing tool. It always being neglected and despised because of limited choice on colours and the price range, seems like the vulnerable groups in our society which are the source of inspiration for themes of my artworks.

Creating my own way by leading to a trend. Sharing and inspiring people to prove how to make thing impossible to possible, let ball pen art from minority to become majority and recognize a social identity. Try to take away its inherent image and re-invent with own individuality, producing a new vision, making contrasts with different frequencies, and finally construct “a new world outside the framework” for the ball pen and use such medium as a “counterweight” to eliminate high technology.

I am what I read, I am what I see.


"A clear boundless sky."



© 2023 Reni Haymond Ball Pen Art

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