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VZOW is an online space dedicated to offering high-quality and unique artworks for sale, When choosing to buy artworks at VZOW, you choose to enter into an art-loving community that appreciates a wealth of artistic styles that is brought to life with original artwork, custom made art pieces, and high-end prints.




Minimize fashion-waste is our goal. Every item is produced "on-demand" basis. After assessing various materials, we've picked PU leather

1. Safety - Our products contains no toxic, so it will not hurt people's health.
2. Cruelty-free - Unlike the old days, apart from leather, we have many material options in the market nowadays. Cruelty-free is the one we prefer.
3. Environmental protection - Leather looks and feels nice, yet the processing and dyeing of leather is known to create serious pollution issues. The chemicals used are harmful to workers as well.


藝術成為經典前,不論是作品或是畫家,都 經歷生活的洗練。拍賣會內的是藝術,但其 實尋常百姓家也可以享受藝術的。 本於藝術共賞和成果共享的信念,MaiArt 賣 藝 ─網上藝術平台,是開放給本地及海 外畫家的 Online Art Gallery。今夏,邀得他 們在突破書廊的文創空間展出插畫及攝影作 品。店內作品都是經特別訂製,每件本地人 手製作的禮品都獨一無二,作品版權自主自 決,所得收入用作繼續支持創作和工藝,生 生不息。


ECO Concepts was established in 2014 & the team behind have more than 15 years experience in trading & product development. 

We believe protecting the earth and preserving our natural environment is the responsibility of each and every one of us, hence our motto “ECO Attitude, EQUAL Responsibilities”.

We differentiate ourselves by utilising a range of advance eco-friendly materials, with different characteristics like biodegradable, bio-based, recycling or recyclable. 


UNIQLO is able to produce such an amazing number of unique products because our business model unifies the entire clothes-making process--from planning and design through production, distribution, and retail. UNIQLO's market share is expanding worldwide as it develops radical new materials together with the world's best fabric technology innovators and creates basic designs using superior natural materials. UNIQLO LifeWear is high-quality, innovative clothing that is universal in design and comfort. It is made for everyone, everywhere. UNIQLO leverages today's increasingly digital world to communicate directly with customers and quickly transform their desires into actual products.

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